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Minister angry over cuts: Switch to Formula E.

300 km at the Sebastian intersection. At the same time, he wants Germany to introduce speed limits on the Autobahn.

This angered the German Transport Minister:
– According to his results at the World Cup, it would be logical if he switched to Formula E, where the maximum speed would be lower, says Andreas Schuer.

Incision and formal e?
Sebastian Vettel was criticized for his environmental commitment (DT)

This year, Sebastian Vettel made himself known for his environmental commitment. In Turkey, he drove with the image of a turtle in his helmet to combat the pollution of the world’s oceans. After the competition at Silverstone, he cleaned the stands, he trained on a farm that runs organic farming, he sells his fuel consuming sports cars, he travels by train as much as he can and he always carries a bag with him when he buys food. He went so far as to question himself that he was a hypocrite.

Cutting with a strong commitment to the environment

Now he goes one step further and supports the speed limit on the German autobahn.
This is one of the most outrageous for many Germans who believe that the independence movement also belongs to individual freedom.
– It’s not about what each individual feels, but you should see the bigger picture. The speed limit will store two million tons of carbon dioxide. It will also make the streets safer. Accidents happen in Germany because we have no speed limit and you can only save one life. For me, it doesn’t matter. Sebastian Vettel said during a press conference regarding the Turkish GB.
– Every living thing is counted. I do not think my freedom is limited when I drive in Turkey, USA or UK.

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Minister: Switch to Formula E!

He points out that anyone who wants to push the gas down should do so in a safe place.
– In this case, it’s about doing it on a race track. You can test your limits without harming anyone else.
His statements have made headlines in Germany, and he has been severely criticized by individuals and government members.
Transport Minister Andreas Skier (CDU) was not merciful in his criticism.
– He lives in Switzerland, and his entire F1 team travels around the world, he flies a lot every year, compensating Sebastian Vettel and his boss Aston Martin for reducing carbon dioxide emissions and their climate. Impact, it is quoted Scheuer av Picture

Formula E.
Transport Minister Andreas Skier wants to see a cut in Formula E (TT)

He pointed out that Vettel had chosen his career and chose to compete in the Formula 1 electric car championship instead of Formula 1.
– Looking at his results at the World Cup, it would be logical if he switched to Formula E, where the maximum speed would be lower.
Vettel finished 18th in the Turkish GB and tried to switch to slix when it was too wet on the road, it was a tactic that failed and he took it. At the Drivers Championship, he is 12th, nine points ahead of his teammate Lance Stroll.
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