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Harry and Megan did not allow Lilliput to be baptized in England

Harry and Megan did not allow Lilliput to be baptized in England

Since she was born this summer, Lilliput, daughter of Prince Harry and Duchess Megan, is expected to be baptized in a church in England before a ceremony in Windsor, before Queen Elizabeth. Now it doesn’t seem to get rid of it.

– This is not baptism in Britain. That will not happen, says another source Telegraph.

– This is very unbelievable, says another source.

Instead it was named Lilliput in California

Instead, baptism is expected in California, meaning Lilliput will not automatically become a member of the Church of England – she may later. Megan was baptized and confirmed by the Archbishop of Canterbury in the Church of England ahead of the 2018 royal wedding. The same Archbishop baptized Lilliput’s brother Archie in a small, private ceremony in Windsor 2019.

The British media revealed last week that Prince Harry will not be returning to the party next week in memory of Princess Diana. A banquet was scheduled for July 1 in connection with the unveiling of the statue above her, but it was postponed due to epidemic restrictions. The party will now take place on October 19th. 100 guests are expected, including Prince William and Sir Elton John.

Megan’s clip on Archie’s birthday

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