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Linde: Not currently with the expulsion

Linde: Not currently with the expulsion

On Thursday, the Taliban captured three provincial capitals, and on Friday morning it was announced that they were controlling another Lashkar-e-Taiba. In total, they now occupy 13 of the country’s 34 provincial capitals, and concerns about the capital, Kabul, are on the rise.

A source close to the newspaper said the U.S. military feared Kabul would fall into Taliban control within 30 to 90 days. Washington Post Released earlier in the week. But according to other reviewers, it could go faster than that.

John Hollenberg, head of research at the Foreign Policy Institute, told the DD that he feared Kabul would fall in a few weeks.

Kabul has embassy buildings of many countries, including Sweden. Following the developments on Thursday, the United States and Britain announced that they would send troops to bring home parts of their embassy staff and civilians there.

Now it is not associated with the Swedish expulsion

Says Foreign Minister Ann Linde (S) Nyhetsmorgon of TV4 Sweden works hard for the safety of staff in Afghanistan.

– Of course there are various plans about exit, there will always be everyone sent in situations like this. We will take care of the secondary and local staff, ”he tells the TV channel.

However, Linde says no evictions are currently planned to begin.

The important thing is that we want the embassy to be as open as possible, so it is not appropriate right now, she tells TV4.

SVT contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which did not want to comment further.