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Tonight: Britain carries out bombings

Tonight: Britain carries out bombings

Arla announces new corks

Arla believes there is an explanation for the criticism of the new corks.

In recent times, corks stuck in milk cartons have been hotly debated.

Many wanted to see a return to previous versions, while others didn't place much importance on the change.

Arla, one of the actors who implemented the change in its products, hopes to be able to make a statement about the reason for the criticism.

This was reported by Swedish Radio.

Geographical differences

As for Paul from Arla, the anger against the Corks, trapped south of Stockholm, seems overwhelming.

Press manager Max Wallenberg believes it all has to do with geographical differences.

– If you live in Stockholm or in the country, you have a cork that many people think works a little better, and if you live down in the country, a cork that many people think works a little worse, he says SR.

More complaints are coming

Arla receives more complaints from Stockholm and the north than from southern Sweden.

– It depends on where the packages are produced and in which dairy. This cork gets a lot of reviews and you have to press it down so it clicks otherwise the cork will stick and you'll get milk everywhere.

Hence, corks were introduced

New corks have been introduced by new EU legislation.

– Arla explains that plastic lids from beverage packaging are one of the most common causes of littering and are some of the most common plastic items found during beach cleanups.

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– From July 2024, new EU legislation will be introduced, requiring all caps to be attached to beverage packaging up to three litres.

– We at Arla have already started adapting the dairies to the new packaging design to meet the new requirements.

To be trapped

New EU legislation is both clear and unambiguous regarding recycling.

– According to EU directives, the plastic lid must be attached to the packaging for the entire service life of the packaging. This means that the entire packaging is sorted as paper packaging.


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