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For sale: 2021 Trek Roscoe 7 XS

For sale: 2021 Trek Roscoe 7 XS

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We are selling a Trek Roscoe 7 in size XS in very good condition.

Purchased from Cykloteket in May 2020, rarely used due to pregnancies and is as good as new.

The roommate recognized the appeal of the high speeds and jumps of riding the lift cage. So, we invested in an enduro to avoid renting a bike. Note: This bike has not been ridden in large mountains.

Unusual size and unusually good condition!

Full specifications:

We always store our bikes indoors and take good care of them with washing, maintenance and general lubrication.

Ideal bike for those who are a little shorter or for young people who are still growing.

Pedals are included and the bike is set up tubeless.

Contact us if you have any questions.



prize: 8000 Swedish krona
Model year: 2020
measuring: Very small
boycott: Stockholm
place: Valentuna
Published: 8 hours ago

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