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8 pages – Sunak wants to stop refugees

8 pages – Sunak wants to stop refugees

Many are running
The country of Great Britain should.

Some come by boat
Across the English Channel.
But the UK Govt
All comers should be stopped across the channel.
The government wants to send them
to Rwanda in Africa.

That's where the refugees go
Apply for a permit
Stay instead.

Britain already has
Agreement with Rwanda.

No one yet
Sent to Rwanda.
A court in Great Britain
They stopped it.
It is against the law to do so.
The court said.

But now the journeys will end anyway.
Politicians in the British Parliament
It has approved a new law for the same.

This summer, the first flight will arrive
Go to Rwanda with refugees.
says the British leader
Rishi Sunak.

8 pages

  • Rishi Sunak British leader.
    His party The Tories rule in government.
  • The Tories have long tried to stop it
    People are fleeing to Britain
    In small boats English channel.
  • Now they have arranged a pact
    with the country Rwanda In Africa.
  • Rwanda needs to be paid to run
    Britain doesn't want refugees.
  • The Tories have got it
    Many criticisms of the agreement with Rwanda.
  • Experts say the opposite
    International rules.
    A country cannot send
    People who moved.
    The country should investigate first
    If they have a right to stay.
  • ceremony labor are enemies
    For the Tories in government.
    The party has promised to change the law
    If we win the next UK election.
  • The next election in England
    Either this fall or in 2025.