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Despite the pressure: Johnson firmly says no to fasting 10

Despite the pressure: Johnson firmly says no to fasting 10

He calls Vin Diesel manipulative

American actor Dwayne Johnson chose not to release the tenth edition of Fast and Furious. He also has no intention of returning to the role of Luke Hobbs in a later movie.

Dwayne Johnson He is currently playing John Hartley in the Netflix movie red notice. Now he chose not to do an extra fast and furious movie. He previously rejected Fast and Furious 9. Dwayne Johnson’s acting classmate where is thisI tried to get him to change with a public question on Instagram.

In the post, Diesel points out To their common colleague Walker and their children. “You know, I just call you Uncle Dwayne,” Diesel wrote. But Dwayne Johnson does not give up and says that he does not like Diesel to involve children and the late actor Paul Walker.

– When Finn and I called privately in June, I told him I wouldn’t be back. “I was determined but still friendly with my words and said I would always support the cast and keep my fingers crossed that the franchise would continue to succeed, but there was no chance of a comeback,” Dwayne Johnson told CNN.

Although Diesel appeared to have good intentions, Johnson described his colleague’s job as “an example of how he was manipulated”.

Vin Diesel plays Dominic Toretto in the Fast and the Furious movies. The tenth film will be shown in June 2023.

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