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James Cameron supports Marlowe Film Studios ahead of planning vote

James Cameron supports Marlowe Film Studios ahead of planning vote

James Cameron has backed a new film studio in the UK and said it could serve as a base for his technology training centre, but the £750 million ($927 million) Marlowe Film Studios still needs a green light for planning and is proving controversial in the future. Her local area.

According to the Financial Times, the three-time Oscar winner wrote to Buckinghamshire Council in support of the plans in the last few weeks, and said it could be a potential British and European base and training center for Lightstorm3D, a company he set up for. Develop tools and technology for films.

Cameron said 22.5% of the UK's global box office in 2023 would “grow as a result” of Marlowe, which is set in Buckinghamshire, south-east England.

“But seizing this opportunity requires support and bold thinking,” Cameron wrote. “The next iteration of on-screen storytelling requires a purpose-built workspace of exceptional quality, and trained professionals.”

Cameron, which includes his back catalogue Titanic a duck symbol picture, He has been a major advocate for improving film technology throughout his career. He joins Sam Mendes and a wealth of high-profile Marlo backers.

The news comes ahead of a crucial vote on planning permission by local councilors expected at the site later this month. The studio, which developers say will create 4,000 jobs, is causing unrest in the local community.

According to local newspaper Pax Free Press, the leader of Marlow City Council said he and his fellow members were “taking legal advice” after receiving “defamatory abuse” for their perceived support of the project.

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Local residents have expressed their dissatisfaction with the construction of the project and developers have been forced to submit amendments to the plan application in an attempt to allay local concerns about increased traffic.

The site to be built is next to a highway but is a former quarry and is defined as greenbelt land, an area of ​​open land around a city where construction is prohibited.

A host of new film and TV studios have sprung up across the UK over the past few years, and Marlowe is one of the most fascinating. James Corden's Fulwell 73 trails another company, the £450m Crown Works Studios in north-east England, while Stirling Studios in Scotland was unveiled late last week.

Deadline has reached out to Cameron's representatives for comment.