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An award-winning British comedy show will wow audiences in Delhi

An award-winning British comedy show will wow audiences in Delhi

Enid Blyton's timeless tales, loved by generations around the world, are set to get a fun makeover at the India Habitat Center in Delhi on April 20 (Saturday). Bumper platon, a hit UK parody show directed by Jonah Fadell, is poised to take audiences in the capital down memory lane with its mix of wit, nostalgia and interactive comedy. Two shows are scheduled: a family-friendly daytime concert at 4pm and a highly recommended evening show for adults at 7pm. Tickets are available on BookMyShow and at the Habitat Program Office.

The brainchild of Amy Cooke Hodgson, known for her work in West End films , and Jonah Fadel, BAFTA award-winning theater director History bombs Bumper platon It promises a night of laughter and lightheartedness. Along with Cook Hodgson and Jonah Fadell, the stellar cast includes James Witt, Liz Peters, and Ed Zanders, all of whom are acclaimed and award-winning stand-up comedians. Their collective talent ensures an evening of top-notch entertainment and spontaneous laughter. With a keen interest in British cultural quirks, the show's creators have transformed beloved classics such as The Famous Five, Mallory Towers, a duck The distant tree In the rib tickling scene.

“Edgy and brimming with British flair”

Produced by Delhi-based theater company Kaivalya Plays. Bumper platonThe arrival of 'in India' represents a major cultural collaboration. Reflecting on his personal connection to Enid Blyton's works, Gaurav Singh Niger, producer at Kaivalya Plays, says: “I grew up on the Famous Five books, and practically learned to read English with Enid Blyton, so when I saw the book for the first time… Bumper platon Comedy show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival During a trip to the UK, I couldn't believe that someone had come up with the idea of ​​perfectly capturing all the British clichés and ideas that my friends and I used to laugh at. The show somehow managed to be edgy and nostalgic, and I knew this was the perfect show to bring to my home theater scene. “I still laugh at some of the jokes, and I can’t wait for everyone here at home to enjoy them as much as I do.”

(From left) Bumper Blyton poster; Amy Cook Hodgson, Gaurav Singh Niger, and Jonah Fadel

Director Fazil adds that initially he had no idea how popular Enid Blyton's books were in India. “On a recent trip, I noticed that every English language bookstore seemed to have a section of her books, and a lot of people's opinions of us Brits seemed to be based on those books. I think that's why people assume we sit around all day eating Cucumber sandwiches and tea with the Queen… and they will be right.”

Interactive performance

Amy Cooke Hodgson says she has always thought Enid Blyton's books are the perfect time capsule not only of old England, but also of the childhoods we all imagined. “That's why it speaks to so many people all over the world. One of the best parts of this show is how interactive and unplanned we are. So, I'm really looking forward to hearing some of the Delhi audience's suggestions that we can incorporate into our classic British adventure.”

What sets Bumper platon Aside from its interactive nature. Audience members are invited to make suggestions, which the talented actors then weave into their impromptu performance. This ensures that each show is a unique and tailored experience, promising surprises at every turn. In addition to the evening performances, British artists organize workshops in Delhi, giving enthusiasts the opportunity to explore the art of improvisational theatre. With sessions ranging from musical improvisation to Harry Potter and Jane Austen improvisation, participants will have creative fun.