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Review: Supernova with Colin Firth – Kulturnate in Phase One

Title: Supernova
Direction and text: Harry McQueen
the actor: Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci
Type: drama
It can be seen: The movie premieres on September 3rd
rank: 3 of 5

It’s Colin Firth’s character Sam who’s talking – and not – to his friend Tusker. Tusker himself could no longer decipher the signs on the paper. Despite the fact that he has been a man of order all his life, he is a scathing and capable writer.

Sam gets a love letter on himself. He does it with tears in his throat.

Meanwhile, the atmosphere of a romantic comedy reigns in Sam’s sister’s cozy country house. I think lots of warm hugs and loving glances by candlelight.

Family and friends gatheringFilled with sympathy and compassion for the affected couple. Dinner is just a stop on the home highway north across England for a piano concert. But it appears early in the film that Tusker is no longer a reliable map reader.

Outside the mobile home we see an autumn-like landscape rolling in. Reminds of the journey the two friends took in the “The Journey” movies: two middle-aged men joking and eating their way through the lake district. But here scattered between laughter. We see an old couple. Annoying and loving in a distinctive combination.

I could This sad, autumnal film is even more so if I hadn’t seen recently the talented, forgotten father of Anthony Hopkins in “The Father.”

It’s simply ungrateful to have the second dementia movie of the fall.

‘Supernova’ is well made, worth seeing and it is important, but its colors are very faded.

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