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Stillbild från filmen The card counter: En man sitter i en vit fåtölj med en pistol i handen.

Review: Card Counter – Kulturnytt i P1

Title: card counter
Type: drama
hand and king Paul Schrader
the actor: Oscar Isaacs, Tiffany Haddish, Ty Sheridan, and William Dafoe M. Phil.
Degree: 4 of 5

Amid the rustle of slot machines and bright lights sits anonymous William Tell.

He has learned to count cards in blackjack and can win big money. However, he plays with small sums and lives in shabby motel rooms that he carefully wears white sheets every night.

card counter It’s not about card games. It may contain scenes where William explains the rules or philosophy behind the game, but…

Card Counter is all about taking on debt. To have served his prison sentence, but still unable to feel any form of reconciliation.

The card game becomes his ritual. The routine of going from day to day without seeing any lightning in sight.

Film director Paul Schrader He wrote scripts for classics such as Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, and The Last Temptation of Christ. In other words, the theme: “Lonely – men – wrestling – with – existential darkness -” is part of his showmanship.

The world of card games – where everyone hides behind their morals – already feels such a sense of Schradersk, that one wonders how it could have taken so long to get into it?

Oscar Isaac uses All tools in the box are set to perfection. Gentle face transitions and dark eyes that quickly switch between cool, glam and cool again. very good!

Card Counter is Schrader at its best. Challenging, anxious and gently hesitating to get answers to impossible questions.

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