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WHO calls on rich countries: no booster dose

WHO calls on rich countries: no booster dose

On Monday, the German Ministry of Health decided that those at risk would be given a third dose of the vaccine from September 1st.

The United Kingdom will provide a third booster dose to 32 million people, and Israel has already launched a booster campaign for those over 60 years of age.

Researcher: The elderly may need a third dose

In Sweden, the Swedish Public Health Organization has announced that a decision on a third dose will be made in the fall and that a third dose will be appropriate for the general public next year.

If you think you need the oldest, I personally think you can start the third dose here. Farshit Jalalwant says that because the oldest in Sweden was vaccinated a long time ago, now security is starting to decline a little bit.

On Wednesday, however, the WHO called on countries to ban and stop the booster dose for at least the next two months until October. CNBC And other media.

The reason is that WHO Secretary-General Tetros Adanom Caprais wants to achieve the organisation’s goal of having at least 10 percent of the population of all countries vaccinated by the end of September.

“We need urgent redistribution of the majority of vaccines from high-income countries to low-income countries,” Tetros Adonom Caprais said, CNBC reported.

Many discrepancies regarding vaccine redistribution

Farshit Jalalwand believes this issue is difficult and has many conflicts of interest regarding the spread of infection and ethics.

As long as there is a large prevalence among the unvaccinated population in low-income countries, there is a risk that differences against vaccines will arise more than in the delta. There is a protocol aspect: Can we start giving a third dose here when there are risk groups in other countries that have not received a single dose? At the same time, those who are elected and active in Sweden, who have chosen themselves, have a responsibility to ensure that they are as safe as possible, says Farshit Jalalwant.

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Researcher’s plan: Disposal of vaccines to low-income countries

Farshit Jalalwand believes in a kind of compromise between trade. In Sweden the oldest can be given as a third dose but the vaccine can be distributed to low-income countries.

– Five, ten percent less of our vaccines feel like there is still room to sell to rich countries. Then our vaccination campaign will be more durable and slower, but it will go faster elsewhere. If you think a third dose is needed I think it is a reasonable compromise.

The WHO’s call for a third dose stop is part of another goal set by the Secretary-General, who says 40 percent of the world’s population should be vaccinated by December.

The big picture here is the policy that we should not implement the booster dose as long as the world is at a point where the elderly, people at risk and people working in the front line are all protected as much as possible by the vaccine. , Says Bruce Aylward, senior adviser to Caprice CNBC.

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