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NENT Group launches series on Barge Salming as the next original product

NENT Group launches series on Barge Salming as the next original product

  • As a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame, Barge Salming is one of Sweden’s greatest ice hockey players with over 1,100 NHL games.
  • The English language series was created and directed by Amir Samdin (Canceries 2020 winner ‘Partisan’) and Walter Scorskard (‘Arn’)
  • The NENT team plans to release at least 40 original products by 2021

The dramatic life of one of Sweden’s greatest ice hockey players, Barge Salming, will be the centerpiece of the next Viaplay original of the Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group), the Nordic region’s leading streaming company. Walter Scorskard (‘Arn’) plays a key role in the production of this ambitious English language, which shows Salming’s pioneering journey from the unshakable roots north of the Arctic Circle into an NHL legend. The series is produced and directed by Aamir Samdin, whose NENT ensemble’s last episode ‘Partition’ won the Best Series Award at Canceries 2020.

As the first Swedish player to be inducted into the prestigious Hockey Hall of Fame, Burge Salming has made many achievements, capturing the hearts of millions of fans and paving the way for countless European players to find employment in the NHL, the world’s best ice hockey. League. Salming played more than 1,100 games in 16 seasons (1973-1989) for the Toronto Maple Leafs, scoring 148 goals and 620 assists, and was named one of the NHL’s 100 Best Players of 2017.

Barge Salming: “It’s really respectful and exciting that they will make a film adaptation of my life. When we started talking about it, I thought so much had happened in my life, how my dad died when I was little, I had to manage myself, the NHL trip from Kiruna, there is one more thing to film adaptation. It will be very exciting to see what the series will look like when it is over. ”

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Philip Wallestom, CEO of NENT Group: “Barge Salming’s sporting prowess can be compared to that of Swedish superstars Bjorn Borg and Ronnie Peterson. Today, with 10% of NHL players coming from Sweden, it is easy to forget how Europeans were once considered weak for this tough league. It is a story of incredible talent and perseverance worthy of an international streaming audience. As Barge Salming turns 70 now, we hope this release is a fitting tribute to the man known as ‘The King’. “

Walter Scorskard: “This is the worst and worst thing I’ve ever done. It is so wonderful to learn from Bargie personally that he humbly tells completely magical stories from his life. His attitude is always to do what he wants and have fun on the road, which motivates me to do the same in the work of portraying him. ”

Registration begins in 2022, and the series will be screened exclusively on NYT Group’s streaming service, Wyaplay. The script was written by Martin Pengson (‘Agent Hamilton’) and produced by Warner Bros. International television production.

About the original products of the NENT Group

The NENT team plans to release at least 40 original products by 2021. In the last three months, season two ‘The killer‘; ‘Hus‘; ‘Remove me‘; ‘We are children from the Bahnhof Zoo‘; And Season Two ‘Likoviken‘Screened on Viaplay.

Recently Announced Original Products’Blurred‘; ‘Taylors Island‘; ‘Kin‘; ‘What about Monica‘; ‘Tram‘; ‘Glacier‘; ‘Ricketts Exodus’; ‘Made in Oslo‘; ‘Estonia – The last wave‘; ‘ZebraMet‘; ‘Three’; ‘Sweden‘; Season two ‘Stella Bloomquist‘; Season two ‘Whistling‘; ‘In the box‘; ‘Two sisters‘; ‘Thunder in my heart‘; ‘Anger‘; ‘Near me‘; ‘Try hard‘; ‘Max angry‘; ‘Dystopia‘; ‘Bernille‘; ‘Swarm‘; Season two ‘Hidden in the snow‘; ‘Harmonica‘; ‘Perfect people‘; Season two ‘Investigation‘; Season three ‘Fixie I Playland‘; Season two ‘Respect‘; ‘Home invasion‘; And ‘Margiox‘.

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NENT Group has established a joint venture manufacturing company in the United Kingdom Film Nation Entertainment And invested in American Studio PictureStart.


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