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Today, the badminton terrain is in front of a record audience - Sophia is in good standing after taming the cannon

Today, the badminton terrain is in front of a record audience – Sophia is in good standing after taming the cannon

Sophia Seaborg And Popular under the table upskir Thursday got off to a great start in the major badminton competitions, scoring 29.3 penalty points in dressage. That means they’re 21st against today’s shattered terrain. They started the program brilliantly with idle 8s on the first level and then kept them high and even – only slightly lower points on the crotch and back, but all the more successful changes.

Sophia has done a great job so far. The ten minutes inside the large dressage arena is the best that a horse has done. It’s fun and admirable that you can make it when it comes to the most, so it’s not really for everyone, says the national team captain for the field competition Fredrik Bergendorf to the SvRF website.

After the epidemic stopped for two years, the interest in badminton competitions has become enormous. Tickets have been sold out and today 250,000 spectators are expected.

– It’s a real badminton court. They are big and difficult questions, but very ridiculous and obvious. Exactly how difficult that is, we’ll see tomorrow, but in a segment of the track, around the classic Vicarage V obstacle, where we can definitely see that there’s a lot more to tackle, says Friedrich Bergendorf.

For Sofia Sjöborg, this was her first badminton debut, but she rode five stars at Pau in the fall of 2021.
This experience is important. Mentally, it’s a good idea to start at Bo. Here at badminton, everything is everywhere and you’ll never be racing in front of as many people as you can tomorrow, then the five star experience means a lot. Fredrik Bergendorf says she seems to have a good terrain plan.

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Great Britain dominates with 15 of the top 20 in front of Sofia Sjöberg. Laura Colette Leading 21 penalty points with London 52. And right after, she has a gold mate of hers from Tokyo; Tom McQueen And Toledo de Kercier. In third place is kitty king And Friday Beats.

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