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Sam Ryder reverses Britain’s failure at Eurovision

Sam Ryder overturns Britain’s Eurovision failure – but refuses to consider competition: ‘We are friends’

Turin. He hopes Britain will avoid failure at Eurovision.

But Tiktok star Sam Ryder stays away from all questions about the outcome of the contest.

– Hehehehe, you’re really trying, most of the questions will be answered.

Zero points from TV viewers. And zero points from the jury groups.

did that nightmare James Newman My history at Eurovision last year when he competed for the UK with “Embers”.

And now that should suffice with the bottom line.

Biggest star in Tiktok

This is how the BBC Eurovision team seems to have thought of when choosing Sam RyderThe 32-year-old sang “Spaceman” for this year’s competition.

He is one of the country’s greatest artists on Tiktok thanks to his great song covers and has been praised by world stars like Justin Bieber, Sia, David Guetta, Alicia Keys, Kygo, Leann Rimes and Martin Garrix.

“I never had an idea of ​​Eurovision or that “Spaceman” would be a good fit for something similar, I’m a huge Eurovision fan so there was nothing to think about,” says Sam Ryder.

Sam Ryder is interviewed by Tobbe Ek from Aftonbladet – and all questions are asked about Eurovision as a competition.

But at the same time, it puts a lot of pressure on him. Britain’s results in recent years have been absolutely rock bottom, so after he first rejoiced at the opportunity, he began to hesitate.

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Yes, that kind of sound crept into my head. But I felt like I couldn’t let the fear of where I’d end up on the scoreboard take away from how I feel about the music and being able to perform and play with all the other talented artists from Europe.

Work on a construction site

The voices in your head, did they come from yourself, or did friends and people around you make you hesitate?

– Maybe it was a disgrace, you know you’re thinking of something. Once something big and good happens, you drift off, but then thoughts start popping up like “Should I really do?” and ‘Think again The It will happen.” But I think that kind of thing comes from fear and lack of self-confidence and then I felt like the most important thing was a gut feeling and what was my first reaction.

Sam Ryder has worked full time with music for the past six years, singing in bars, nightclubs and as a wedding singer, before breaking out on Tiktok, earning a record contract and being able to start touring both in the UK and Europe. Before that he was a construction worker.

– I worked with my dad and he built a digging house and things like that. Perhaps the real body work and my father would have the patience of a saint, because I may not have been the best. I’ve always been the guy who listens to Iron Maiden in headphones and I’ve probably always been about to dig a gas pipe or something.

duck questions

Sam Ryder

He does everything to avoid thinking of Eurovision as a competition and walks away from all these questions with a laugh.

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What placement would you be happy with, because it’s a competition after all?

– Yes, but it’s a big party too, isn’t it?

Come on now, Sam.

– Haha, you’re really trying. No, I can’t say I want to come this or that. If you go to the theater or the movie, there is no scoreboard on the road. I can’t think of this as a competition, others can do. It’s a huge part of the entertainment value for those who watch, everyone wants to know the score and where they end up, but my job begins and ends when I get on stage singing my head out as best I can.

Who are your biggest competitors?

– Everyone is very good.

A very diplomatic answer?

– Haha, I used to know you… But listen now. I decided before not to read the comments or listen to any songs beforehand, because now that you meet everyone and become friends and watch them on stage, they don’t feel like rival opponents, you support them and that makes the feeling completely different and more enjoyable. It would be even more stressful if you constantly thought about competing against the best artists in Europe. You won’t have fun if you think about it that way.

unexpected answer

On the contrary, compared to the world of sports where you don’t want to be friends with your opponents because you need to beat them in competition?

Yes, but if you lose in a sprint, you didn’t run fast enough. How do you compare music and songwriting this way. It’s not possible, it’s just a way to ensure you feel bad. I don’t want to be miserable. Don’t make me miserable now, ha ha ha.

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Well then, but Sam Ryder answered the question directly and candidly. His all-time favorite Eurovision song:

– There is only one Eurovision song to talk about, the best ever and that will always be the best. Lourdes, “Hardrock, Hallelujah”.

So now you know.