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It's Middle Leader Spring May 6, 2022 - P1 Culture

It’s Middle Leader Spring May 6, 2022 – P1 Culture

“Those who want to work should sell themselves while you sell toothpaste”

A little over ten years ago, the political buzzword was “domain business.” Jobs and Work for All were high on the agenda in the public conversation. But in Swedish films, action images are rarely seen – instead it was an eternal evening, a weekend or a summer in the environments. Today the situation is the opposite. Work life is not a hot political issue – but in movies and TV series you can get a glimpse into a new and modern working life. Our reporter Emma Engstrom walks you through on how to make it in business 2022.

TUVA NOVOTNY Takes Field Rugs to Help Understand Love

Why do so many choose to live in duality, when it is so difficult? And why charging when a relationship breaks down? Tuva Novotny takes the research scientist to help when she deals with her new movie “Diorama” what happens between two people trying to live together.

“Lila Vera” and the fall of Mariupol

“Little Vera” from 1988 was a huge hit in the Soviet Union with over 50 million cinema visitors and also celebrated a huge success internationally. Little Vera was recorded in what is today Mariupol, a city that until the Russian invasion had a population of half a million but is now largely bombed by Russia. Our critic Frederick Wadstrom describes film, the city, and time in today’s classics.

Host: Lisa Bergstrom

Producer: Ulf Nystrom