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Thousands attended the party despite the microwave

Thousands attended the party despite the microwave

Last Friday before Christmas weekend is traditionally one of the biggest party nights of the year in the UK. Thousands of people regularly go to pubs, bars and restaurants – and this year is no exception despite the rapid spread of the epidemic and the Omigron variant.

Pictures taken in Leeds, London, Birmingham and Newcastle show how large numbers of people feasted without masks.

More than 93,000 new confirmed Govt cases in a single day in the country

On the same day, more than 93,000 new confirmed govt cases were detected in the country, the highest daily number in the UK since the outbreak.

Votes are now being raised to reintroduce restrictions in the UK, as in Wales, where nightclubs will be closed from December 27 and new efforts will be made with social exclusion. Ministers are said to be considering a two-week strike and will discuss whether this is necessary over the weekend, as nightclubs are expected to lose nearly 40 per cent of their revenue compared to the already important major weekends.

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