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“Exporting clean Swedish electricity is good for the climate”

The Left Party in DN Debatt proposes that electricity generated in Sweden be shut down domestically and used to reduce electricity prices. This is a bizarre proposal by a Socialist Party and an ineffective method of reducing the EU’s use of coal and gas power.

The greenhouse effect is not a national problem. The Left Party, like the Swedish Energy Agency, is firmly committed to environmental nationalism. They are trying to solve the global environmental problem by reducing carbon dioxide emissions within the country.

Sweden needs to use large amounts of renewable electricity, which saves as much carbon dioxide emissions as possible. Optimization should be done in at least one European country, not from a national perspective. As long as coal power generation is within the EU, its redundancy should be a priority.

Sweden and Norway It has extensive hydroelectric and wind power and uses 2-4 times more electricity per person than the average EU citizen. Moreover, both countries have good opportunities to increase wind power generation, especially in less populous countries.

Germany and Poland, which rely on fossil power, are ten times more densely populated and have no hydropower. With a population of 120 million, these countries cannot replace fossil power generation with renewable energy.

Like Denmark, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, they already exist today and will be even more so in the future, depending on the transfer of electricity from the Nordic countries. Their alternative nuclear power to fossil power.

The only possibility Wind power generation is expanding in the Nordic countries in order for EU countries in Central Europe to produce fossil fuels within a reasonable time. Sweden and Norway are tasked with expanding wind power, and the EU is tasked with financing power connections from the Nordic region to Central Europe.

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The task of Sweden and Norway is to produce as much electricity as possible. At the same time, the Baltics, Poland, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom need to be more efficient in using its own electricity to export as much as possible of coal-convertible electricity.

Plans by state-owned mining company LKAB and steelmaker SSAB to use electricity in a hybrid project to produce steel are an ineffective way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. If 1 terawatt of electricity were used to produce hydrogen instead of coal in steel production, carbon dioxide emissions would be reduced by 350,000 tons. But if 1 terawatt-hour of electricity were exported instead of coal power in Poland and Germany, three times as much carbon dioxide emissions would be saved.

Wind power is being expanded Only foreign companies are investing in Sweden quickly, but unfortunately. Thus, Sweden is selling off natural resources. At least 50 percent of wind turbines must be owned by state-owned Waterfall and municipal energy companies. In addition, the current very low property tax on wind turbines should be raised and move to municipalities or regions.