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Alarm from UK: Omigron spreads in a few hours

Omigron is spreading at lightning speed in the UK.

Now experts warn that the virus variant could be contagious “within an hour”.

– Professor Irene Peterson says it’s very, very fast Sky News.

England The Health Commission announced more than 12,000 new micro-cases on Sunday. A total of 37,101 people in the country are affected by the disorder.

The British government advises residents to examine themselves if they know they are in a “high risk situation”, but now experts in the country are flagging that it is not enough.

– Test results become obsolete very quickly. We’re talking about hours now, says Irene Peterson, professor of epidemiology at University College London, The Telegraph, according to Sky News.

Peterson is now urging the government to tighten its guidelines and recommend that people test themselves quickly before meeting their friends.

Omikron is spreading faster than previously thought, experts warn. Photographer photographs Omigron-infected cells in Hong Kong.

New restrictions await

Both The Times and the Financial Times now report that new regulations may await the rapid spread in the UK after Christmas and to prevent hospital congestion.

According to Sky News, experts in the country believe that there are “hundreds of thousands of new infections every day,” which is significantly higher than the daily reported figures.

In addition to outdoor dining, pubs and the restaurant will be closed. The restrictions are expected to apply for two weeks after Christmas so people have time to take the third dose and build safety.

Order for the third dose vaccine in London.