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Sweden won the match to win the match against Great Britain

Sweden won the match to win the match against Great Britain

Trey Kroner got off to a bad start at the Hockey World Cup.

But hope is still alive after beating Britain 4-1.

Now they are under pressure to beat Slovakia and Russia in the remaining two group matches. At the same time, Trey Kroner has to trust the outcome to end positively in other matches.

– Michael Renberg, an expert at SVD Studios, says that sometimes playing against a team that is clearly bad is not easy.

After the win against Great Britain, Sweden now have six points in the table and are in provisional fourth place, reaching the first four places playoffs from each group. As they advance to the playoffs, it is important that they reach at least ten points.

The World Cup format was adjusted in 2012 with two teams, with the top four teams advancing to the playoffs. Since then, a national team has never advanced to the quarterfinals without adding at least ten points.

Something to the detriment of Sweden is that if two teams end up on the same score, only mutual encounters decide.

Budas: “Two wins will be enough”

– It was a severe loss yesterday. We would have been in a better seat if we had won, but you started watching after the evening coffee and then you saw that there was a chance of reaching the playoffs. Then we loaded up again and showed good character by playing a good match today, says Jonathan Budas.

He continues:

– Now we have to drive continuously and reload. It is important to pick one match at a time, and two wins will suffice.

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Mario Kempe was happy to win after the match, but is focused on the next match.

– We know we have to win the rest of the tournament. Now it’s about focusing on the next match and preparing for it.

He continues:

– We made a great decision and today there was more traffic towards the goal. We’ve talked about it, it’s easy to play around with a lot and should not get into hard surfaces. It was good with long attacks, but we did well when we got a lot of bucks towards the goal, Kembe says.