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Britain’s bizarre goal against Trey Croner was recognized



Great Britain (!) Took the lead against Trey Kroner.

The goal was recognized despite Victor Bast being missed by a British player.

“It should not be a goal”, Writes Joel Hansen, Referee in charge of the Swedish Ice Hockey Association, in a text message according to SVD.

Trey Kroner is on the verge of its biggest World Cup defeat. The Swedish dream continued when “Blueberry Nation” took the lead with a strange goal in a must-win match against Great Britain.

Brendan Connolly slumped into a fight with NHL star Richard Raquel, lost his balance and slipped in overcoming Victor Past, while Buck headed for the goal.

Despite this, the case was approved after video examination.

– I don’t think this should be a goal. Marcus Sorensen says he (Connolly) goes into the fast.

Marcus Sorensen

Photo: SVT

Marcus Sorensen

Swedish judges criticize

According to the SVD, there was also great surprise among Swedish judges. Many of them reportedly contacted SVD commentators immediately and criticized the World Cup referees’ decision on the ice.

“It should not be a goal. I do not find anything in the rule book that recognizes it.”, Joel Hanson, the referee in charge of the Swedish Ice Hockey Association, must have written a text message according to Chris Herenstam.


Kim Martin Hassan in SVD Studio:

– It is life threatening and must first come with skates. Sure, it goes out fast, but I think the British player has time to stay or at least avoid a confrontation with Victor Past. He seems to want to go inside himself.

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In the broadcast, the referee was asked to justify the decision that the buck was above the finish line before Victor Bast was dealt with.

Sweden returned to the tournament and won 4-1.

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