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SVT expert: "Need to get some peace"

SVT expert: “Need to get some peace”

After two opening matches at the Hockey World Cup, most would have scored six points for Trey Kroner. But the points were not missed, after playing five team games, they were two points from the playoff spot.

– There are heights and there are actually valleys. They started in the valleys and lost two games against the winning team. Then they meet Switzerland and play incredibly well. They are serious, they want to win duels, they want to create opportunities by moving towards the goal, says Maria Ruth and continues:

– There is a lot more, but it is difficult to analyze Sweden. They had to increase their intensity, it was less and worse against Great Britain. This was paradoxical. They should start very well in the next match.

“Shit in Chemistry”

Confederation captain Johann Karpenlev has chosen to spin in the chains during the match, with Marcus Sorensen entering the second chain with the Kempe brothers in Friday’s match.

– Now Sorensen has arrived, but it is difficult to analyze against Great Britain. Rasmussen did a great job with both Mario and Adrian, he wanted to play a little more hockey, while Rasmussen did a little bit in front of the goal. The question is whether Sorensen does it against the best opposition. I believe, because he has a lot of skating and “go”.

– Maria Ruth, an expert at SVD, says that if you choose a combination, run it if it doesn’t fail completely.

Instead of inventing new combinations, there are other areas for Trey Kroner’s improvement, he believes.

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– Stool in chemistry. Number one, they have to skate more, you have to like it more than the opponent. There are duels everywhere on the court, and every time the buck is free it’s a fight. I do not think Sweden was (against Great Britain).

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Ruth’s call to Trey Croner: “Confusion in chemistry!”

On Sunday, Trey Kroner meets Slovakia at 19.15 on the SVD.