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Stephanie Roast’s research shows that more people in Werberg do not have food

Stephanie Roast’s research shows that more people in Werberg do not have food

Stephanie Roast holds a master’s degree in social work and human rights from the University of Gothenburg. His interest in food poverty in Scotland had already been aroused, where he worked as a social worker for eight years. When he came to Sweden, he was shocked by the fact that food poverty was not as prevalent here as it was in the UK.

– At first I thought the poverty level here was low, but I was surprised when I looked at the UN statistics on it. The level of moderate and severe food security in the UK has fallen and increased in Sweden, which is higher in Sweden than in the UK, says Stephanie Roast.

As part of her graduation program, she has conducted numerous interviews with individuals and social workers working in charities.

– Interviews showed an increase in helpers, for example, in soup kitchens and increased Govt-19 problems. It is clearly associated with poverty. There is a strong stigma and shame in asking for help.

Per-Koran Kiniste, director of the Salvation Army in Warburg, believes the pressure on food bags has increased in Warburg. They are forced to reduce dividends.

– We have 90 people on the queue list, we can’t do that, you can get it every three or every three weeks. We focus a little more on families with children. We now have about ten families with children, says Per-Koran Kniste.

However, he wants to point out that most people have a social contribution and that the limited resources of the Salvation Army cannot be seen as a measure of starvation for more people.

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– They get their grant, and then many crooners will not be left. Per-Goren Guinness says our business is a complement.

In Sweden, many of us like to believe that there is no poverty and that everyone has food in refrigerators. It’s not like that. Stephanie Roast considers it time to unravel the myths of a society that protects everyone.

– Food poverty must be recognized as a real issue first and foremost to be managed. But the government does not want it, because the image of a proper welfare state falls. It happens in rich Sweden’s rich Warburg. This should not happen, says Stephanie Roast, one of my conclusions in my dissertation.

He believes the stigma around not being able to buy food is better.

– The social welfare system is tight-lipped and it seems to be built to fail individuals. The amount of financial assistance is not enough to meet the needs and escape from the web of poverty. It further stigmatizes, many people are ashamed because they can not cope, it is their own fault. Stephanie Roast says this is not usual.

Now he wants to launch an app so that people can easily find the nearest source to get help with food.

– I try to gather all the contact information, opening hours and addresses so that people can quickly find the information they need based on where they live, says Stephanie Roast.

Currently, the Salvation Army and Pentecostal Church provide food bags in the municipality of Warburg. Local churches can also help.

– If they contact the deacon, they can provide different levels of support for people in need of food, concludes Stephanie Roast.

The article was previously published in Warburgsposten

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