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Sit comfortably, browse safely with our 5G-based WiFi, and look forward to more reliable train journeys.

These days, this is the world premiere of the X 2000 – an ultra-modern, but upcycled and recycled train, and it has already won awards.

Curious about the new X 2000? Read more here.

Should Sweden’s Twisted Railway be straightened? Or maybe it’s time to build a new type of train that can run fast even on curves? In the late 1980s, the issue was of great interest.

The answer was X 2000 – and in the media, waves were instantly created in connection with the premiere tour. Expressen stated that the gigs follow curves and that there are no “heels to speak of”.

Since the launch of the X 2000 in 1990, nearly 200 million unique flights have been made, and technology has advanced steadily – on all fronts.

The award-winning new X 2000 train is an ultra-modern but recycled train as SJ saved more than 5,000 tons of stainless steel by completely reusing the steel hull from the existing train.

– We have built a brand new train inside an existing train. Andrea Pearson, who is responsible for managing SJ’s X 2000 fleet, says it shows it’s possible to create a new one, while simultaneously using and reusing valuable materials.

The new X 2000 has 110 computers to control and monitor the train, compared to 24 before it.

– The train has an advanced system of self-diagnosis, which means, among other things, that we have the opportunity from a distance to receive and monitor a number of signals from the various technical systems of the train in real time, and thus we can act preventively. The train journey will be more reliable thanks to all the new technical systems, says Andrea Pearson and adds:

– The new control on the interior doors makes it easier to navigate between carriages, makes vehicle markings more visible, and saves space and time when getting on and off.

clear window glass for radio

In 1990, the Expressen newspaper commented on the technological innovations: “The X 2000 has a telephone, fax and copier. In each armchair you can listen to the P3 and two internal channels via free headphones.”

In 2021, completely different conditions were created.

– A state-of-the-art cash register machine has been installed that makes payments faster and smoother. The new 5G-based wifi system makes it easier to work and relax during the flight.

The new X 2000 has clear radio windows, a technology entirely new in Sweden but found on Europe’s most modern high-speed trains.

– This means that mobile phone signals from all mobile network operators along the tracks enter the train. In addition, the methods that speed up the entire data transmission can be used.

Other technology also received a major update. When 12,996 new chairs were installed, a total of 280 kilometers of new cable was required.

– The new chairs get a smart design. The chairs provide good lumbar support, have a large back table, dual electrical outlets, storage areas and a good reclining backrest.

Upgrading the X 2000 is a huge project that took several years. Replacing all the essential parts of a modern train can be likened to an advanced implantation of the brain, heart and central nervous system at the same time.

A lot of effort has been put into connecting the different systems and a number of tests have been carried out. Before operating each train assembly, it must be tested for a minimum distance of 15,000 km.

Try the new X 2000. Here you can buy tickets.

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