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Oroande mutation på deltavarianten upptäckt

Disturbing mutation detected in delta variant

A newly discovered mutation has been found in the delta type of COVID-19 virus and researchers fear it may be more contagious.

In the UK, researchers are investigating a recently discovered mutation in the delta variant. Researchers are concerned that the alternative may be more contagious and that it may undermine the covid-19 vaccine. Writes CNBC.

British health authorities are monitoring the variant, which now accounts for 6 per cent of cases of the virus that have been genetically sequenced in the UK. Officials at British health authorities believe it is still too early to tell whether the new variant poses a greater public health risk than the delta variant.

A mutation in the nail protein

4.2 What some call the new Delta Plus variant is still not known enough, but it is known to contain mutations in the nail protein that the virus uses to enter cells.

The UK last week reported an increase of 40,000-50,000 cases of the virus per day, and the newly discovered AY.4.2 variant has been identified in a growing number of virus cases in the country and could be behind the rapid increase in cases. However, the World Health Organization, the World Health Organization, has not yet classified the virus as a variant under investigation or a variant of particular interest.

Experts aren’t too worried yet

This means that the World Health Organization has not demonstrated that mutations in the virus variant would be expected to affect the infection of the virus, the severity of the disease, or the ability of the virus to avoid diagnosis or treatment. It has also not yet been confirmed that the type of virus causes significant infection. However, if the virus variant proves to be more contagious, it could cause more cases of the virus among the unvaccinated.

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So far, experts are not very concerned about the new mutation of the delta variant, but they think it is very important to check it. according to Rochelle Walinsky, head of the US National Public Health Agency, CDC, the AY.4.2 variant was also identified in the United States at some point.

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