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Emila Jones i filmen ”Coda”.

Review: Coda directed by Sian Heder – Kulturnytt is in the first stage

Title: koda
Director: cyan hydra
With: Emila Jones, Troy Costor MFL
It can be seen:
october 29 movie premiere
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Not specified. interesting. still. This is with a girl from a deaf family who wants to sing. Because it is still a suggestive idea, it would have had many possibilities. A teenager who hears the singing voice of the world lives in a family where no one has heard music. or anything else. In addition, they are hunters.

Silence and tones and sea mud and cod. A world full of ideas. Instead, Coda is a “struggle, turning point, cliché, drunkenness, cliché turning point” and everyone has a lot going on.

The hunting family has always struggled against poor hunting conditions and social isolation. Mother and father, for some reason, are in a strong connection with their sexuality, which takes up a lot of space.

Daughter Ruby, who has at least a lifelong responsibility for everything, wants to apply for a very difficult musical education. Scary, creepy, and a culture-crushing Spanish music teacher, she wears graphic glasses that she makes up for with breathing exercises. Her pale boyfriend lives in a cold, rich family that has nothing to do with his sexuality. You are not allowed to meet them. Every problem dissolves in a bosom.

There is an introductory scene I can stand on. A painting where a fishing boat sways in the sea with a strange loud sound. And then thirty seconds of complete silence at the end.