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Oscar 2021: A black and white film front with 10 nominations – but the biggest hype revolves around the director’s award |  Culture and entertainment

Oscar 2021: A black and white film front with 10 nominations – but the biggest hype revolves around the director’s award | Culture and entertainment

The starting field for the Oscars on April 25 offers a retro magic that tells of silence and the struggle out loud for a better world.

Up to 93 nominations for the Academy Award in a movie is unlike anything else.

Cinemas are running with a half machine, first shows have been postponed, and production has been suspended.

The magic of the party most centered around the stars in dressed up on the home sofa.

So why bother with the Oscars 2021?

Well – because it’s a bed of potential explosions when movies that are something other than traditional Hollywood happen.

The winners

The undisputed winner of the nomination group is David Ventures Mank – A gem black and white movie depicting a classic scriptwriting Citizen Kane (1941).

The film was nominated in ten categories – including Best Picture, Director, Champion (Gary Oldman), and Supporting Actress (Amanda Seyfried).

Gary Oldman was nominated again.
Photo from a photo shoot in the frame of Mank.
Mank, Gary Oldman

An interesting detail is that Citizen Kane It won an Academy Award for Best Screenplay in 1942, while the film depicting how to write the script was nominated in almost all categories except for best screenplay.

The question still remains is whether there is a risk that the matter will continue as it did during previous film festivals when Mank was nominated in several categories (6 Golden Globe Awards and 12 Critics’ Choice Awards) – without winning anything but the best scenography as far as With the last competition.

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Women and diversity

Over the years, only five women have been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Director – but this year it will be a blast when both Chloe Chow (Nomadland) and Emerald Fennell (The Young Most Promising) qualify in this category.

Fran at sunset, with a lantern in his hand.

Nice, strong and well-played. Nomadland has it all.
Fran at sunset, with a lantern in his hand.
Photo: null
Nomadland, Frances McDormand

Chow was born in China while Fennel was born from Britain. Which matches well with the fact that most of the nominated directors are something other than the classic Hollywood norm.

Thomas Winterberg is Dane and Lee Isaac Chung is of Korean ancestry. Only David Fincher really makes the more traditional profile of directing in the Oscar context.

Silent trips and loud social comments

Many of the films nominated in 2021 have a clear social connection. Judah and the black Christ (5 nominations) Related to the Black Panther struggle.

Chicago trial 7 (6 nominations) revolves around a lawsuit that followed a demonstration against the 1968 Vietnam War.

Deomnstrants before an altercation in The Trial of the Chicago 7.

Something other than borate. Sacha Baron Cohen was nominated for the role in The Trial of the Chicago 7.
Deomnstrants before an altercation in The Trial of the Chicago 7.
Sacha Baron Cohen, Chicago Trial 7, Jeremy Strong

Bottom of what renny black (5 nominations) It’s about the mother of the black blues the threat (6 nominations) depicting a Korean family moving to California in the 1980s.

Triumph coolest advice still Bedouin (6 nominations) which presents us with a woman who has fallen between many chairs in the social mechanism.

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Without a home and guaranteed income, she moves between different places in search of a job.

Silence in Bedouin It goes well with the silence depicted in an incredible fine Metal sound (6 nominations) Here we meet metal drummer Robin who suddenly lost his hearing.

Robin may be deaf and silence noticeable – but that doesn’t mean you should be deaf before the April 25 celebration.

It would definitely be a different party – but it’s still a tribute to all these great movies that give us a way out into a world we won’t be visiting right now.

We like it or not.

the best movie:

the father
Judah and the black Christ
the threat
Promising young woman
Metal sound
Chicago trial 7

Best Director:

Thomas Winterberg – Druk / Another Tour
David Fincher – Mank
Lee Isaac Chung – Minary
Chloe Chow – Nomad
Emerald Fennell – young and promising

Best Leader:

Riz Ahmed – The Sound of Metal
Chadwick Bosman – Bottom of Ma Rainey Black
Anthony Hopkins – father
Gary Oldman – Mank
Stephen Yoon – Minary

Best Female Leader:

Viola Davis – Bottom of Ma Rainey Black
Andra Day – United States versus Billie Holiday
Vanessa Kirby – Cut from a Woman
Frances McDormand-Nomadland
Carey Mulligan – young and promising

The ceremony was referenced in Swedish on 25.4 by Johanna Grönqvist and Silja Sahlgren-Fodstad.