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Car of the Year 2021 Nominated – Toyota Yaris is ahead of the competition

Car of the Year 2021 Nominated – Toyota Yaris is ahead of the competition

This is how we car owners voted

We are the car owners Tommy Wallstrom put the family-favorite Skoda Octavia ahead. This is his scoreboard.

10 points: Skoda Octavia

“A modern, spacious family car equipped with all safety features, connected and can house several different types of engines that are more environmentally friendly. At an affordable price, Octavia offers a range of practical features in well thought out packaging.”

6 points: Toyota Yaris

“Nothing happened. The Toyota Yaris was a reliable, fuel-efficient and somewhat boring little car. The new Yaris has fun to drive and ride comfort, but is still fuel-efficient and reliable. Then we have the sporty model GR Yaris. Most enjoyable car of 2021. “.

4 points: Fiat 500

“It says something about our time when Fiat launched a new generation of 500 with only an electric motor. The new 500 adds a range of assistance systems and connectivity options to the smallest class of cars. Fully equipped, it will be pricey, but it’s sympathetic not to have those who want all the gadgets The new car means buying a car bigger than they need.

Two points: Citroën C4

“Citron has gone its own way when it comes to the electric version of the new C4. Instead of investing in high performance and long range, the focus has been on comfortable ride and interesting design. It works! On the e-C4, you can ride more comfortably than many competitors. Citroën please, can’t you build it in a combi version too? ”

Two points: Volkswagen ID 3

“In many ways, ID 3 is innovative with pioneering technology in smart packing, but has Volkswagen solved its initial problems with the software? We still receive reports from customers around the world with problems. I am not convinced, therefore I only give 2 points for ID 3 . “

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One point: Cobra Formentor

“The Formentor is a really nice car in the border area between an SUV and a mid-range station wagon. It is a pleasure to drive and is competitively priced. The disadvantage is that the plug-in hybrid version is not available with four-wheel drive and the infotainment system suffers badly from a lack of physical controls.”

0 points: Land Rover Defender

“The Land Rover Defender is definitely a supercar in its range and has few competitors when it comes to things like off-road characteristics. However, when I think about factors like CO2 emissions and value for money, it falls at the bottom of my list.”