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The UK record cannot be compared to us

The UK record cannot be compared to us


2/27 How is an officer’s foreclosure an entertainment ?!

The TV program “The Enforcement Officer knocks on” is a British program and has nothing to do with a Swedish law enforcement officer. The record in the UK has a different legal system, a different mission and should not be compared to our staff.

We in our enforcement officer have a clear mission. We help those who have not been paid. It may be that the state did not receive a tax, that the person who was a victim of a crime should receive compensation, or that a single parent did not receive support for his child or a small business owner who was not paid for the job did. They all depend on getting paid. The 12.3 billion we raised last year goes to them.

At the same time, we protect the rights of debtors. Most of the people who have debts with us are normal people who have been affected by events in life. It could be a co-worker, a neighbor, a friend, or a relative. Everyone has their own story. There are many different reasons why people are in debt. Many of those we contacted attest to how difficult it is to get the economy to go together.

We meet people in situations of vulnerability and where we need to be helpful but also neutral. One could describe us as a neutral party between those who want to get their wages and those who have to pay.

Maria Fredrickson, Division Director at the Enforcement Officer in Gothenburg

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