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Nordic Choice Hotels: We Refuse to Let Coronavirus Paralyze You

Nordic Choice Hotels: We Refuse to Let Coronavirus Paralyze You

Every day we wake up to new information about restrictions and general advice and that the parts of the country that previously had a name have been given a color and a rating. Great confusion and uncertainty about what to do full. So Nordic Choice Hotels is launching a campaign aimed at giving bored northerners safe and secure alternatives to isolation and loneliness.

Based on the authorities’ recommendations and public advice, Nordic Choice Hotels have compiled suggestions for things to do to help people get the most out of life in a safe and secure way even during a global pandemic.

Everybody’s daily life since March has been marked by constantly new information about what we are not allowed to do. Some limitations are easy to understand, others are less obvious and allow for interpretations. Many choose to interpret the restrictions more rigorously than the idea actually is. So we chose to focus on the positive and what could put a golden edge in life at this challenging time, says Nordic Choice Executive Vice President Björn Arild Wisth.

The advice given now is based on the knowledge the staff at Nordic Choice Hotels have accumulated over the years and that you know guests value and appreciate.

– We give our guests daily tips and advice on what to do around the Nordic countries and our employees love to share their strawberry spots. The need for inspiration to break boredom has never been greater, so it’s good to share with us now in a broader way than usual. We’ll also use the hashtag #alltdukan to encourage others to suggest activities that can be done, says Wisth.

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Nordic Choice Hotel’s general advice is given with a twinkle in the eye but with a real willingness to contribute and show alternatives to solitude.

I think that most of us northerners have understood the seriousness of the epidemic and that we are all trying our best to find an acceptable way to get through this time. Wyeth concludes that if there’s something we need right now, it’s to replace it with seriousness with humor and laughter.

All advice given corresponds to the recommendations of the authorities and general advice. As these tips change, the tips will also be updated.

for more information:
Visit the campaign page.