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Jude Law Explains What's Wrong With "The Vacation" |  Filmzine

Jude Law Explains What’s Wrong With “The Vacation” | Filmzine

Since its premiere in 2006, the romantic comedy “The Holiday” has become something of a modern Christmas classic. A movie that many would love to see again at this time of year.

However, there are details that will surprise die-hard fans. For example, have you ever noticed that Jude Law’s skin tone changes from scene to scene? One moment the wizard Graham is a pale Briton, the other moment he’s gained a new vacation burn in no time. Then back again.

Jude Law said in one Interview Earlier this year, how this flap bug ever became possible. A long time passed between the exterior and interior scenes.

– We first registered all the overseas parts in the UK. It was freezing cold. For some reason, all of the interiors – including British ones – were recorded in a studio in Los Angeles. Nancy (Myers, director) is famous for taking the time. So I waited at home for five weeks before it was time for me.

– As soon as I see the sun, it turns brown very quickly, Jude Law continues. And if you look at the movie, I’m very white abroad in England, and as soon as I come in: “Hey, you’ve turned brown!” (Laugh). Nobody notices, but if I look closely, I find two shades darker every time I turn back

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