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SM Entertainment teams up with UK-based MOON&BACK to launch boy group |  K-pop movie news

SM Entertainment teams up with UK-based MOON&BACK to launch boy group | K-pop movie news

K-pop powerhouse SM Entertainment has teamed up with UK-based label MOON&BACK to create a new boy group. The cooperation aims to produce…
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SM Entertainment, known for creating K-pop songs, has teamed up with a British entertainment company called MOON&BACK to create a new boy group in the United Kingdom. This collaboration was officially announced in a press release.

VIPs from SM Entertainment, such as CEO Jang Cheol-hyuk, chief business officer Jang Eun-jung, CEO of A&R Lee Seung-soo, and creative director Kangta, were all present at the signing ceremony. On the MOON&BACK side, there were also key figures like Nigel Hall, Russ Lindsay, Dawn Airey and Ben Karter. They are a powerhouse aiming to create a UK boy band that can make waves around the world. It is worth noting that Nigel Hall, one of the founders of MOON&BACK, has a strong track record in producing shows such as The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent, koreaboo reports. MOON&BACK will reportedly find talented individuals who will be part of this new boy group, and SM Entertainment will bring their K-Pop expertise. This includes knowledge about making music, creating music videos, choreography, and more. The songs that the boy group will perform will be supervised by SM Entertainment's publishing company called Kreation Music Right.

It's exciting that MOON&BACK will be giving us a behind-the-scenes look at how this boy group was created and debuted. They plan to broadcast the entire process in a six-episode series. You can watch the series starting from the second half of 2024, and it will be shown not only in Korea and the United Kingdom but also in the United States. It is a unique opportunity to witness the birth of a new global sensation.

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