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England was so bad they needed the help of a wrong penalty to win

London. England in the last 55 years after that. Football could return home on Sunday, but it is unfortunate that a questionable penalty kick helped the team beat Denmark in a match they should have won unaided.

backstage on Wembley After the final whistle on Wednesday was the one you dreamed about as a kid. Joy fucking crazy. trance. The nation of the homeland is in ecstasy and in the stands a song roams home, it goes home. Football is back home. Sunday wait Italy In the final, England have a chance to win the title after 55 years of waiting.

Gareth Southgates The team withstood the pressure and won the semi-final against Denmark with 2-1. Even though you ended up at a disadvantage and were skewed afterwards Michael Damsgards Powerful free kick silenced Wembley. Despite the fact that England had a very difficult time passing the ball over a great player Casper Schmeichel. Although the advantage of the game did not pay off in the goal.

England’s dominance created enough chances to win the match with few goals. Instead, it became an extension and a drama. he was there Harry King Who scored the winning goal when he withdrew a penalty kick after Schmeichel also saved it. she was Raheem Sterling Those who fell, photographed, or fallen, and the judge Danny McKelley Pointed to the penalty point.

when England He won his only title, the 1966 World Cup, and stood up Jeff Hurst For a goal in the final match at Wembley against West Germany which is still under discussion. Was it really the ball? Hearst’s shot hit the crossbar and then hit the ground. Assistant Referee Toufik Bahramov 3-2 England agreed in extra time and the German national team recovered.

Then there was no place and even today it is not possible to determine whether the verdict was correct or not. Later, Hearst also tied 4-2 in the final stages of the match, but the 3-2 goal was decisive and gave England the only title they had so far. On Sunday, you will have the opportunity to play the first final of the tournament in the country in 55 years. But wasn’t it a new refereeing activity that took the team there?

England’s winning goal came after a penalty kick that was said to have been discussed for a long time. Maybe not as long as Hearst but it will stop for a while. Joachim Mahle He was the one who considered to have dropped Sterling over the edge and also Matthias Jensen was involved. Saying there was no contact is wrong, but it wasn’t a punishment when Sterling gave up so easily. Unfortunately, the lengthy review of VAR technology has only served to support Judge McKelley’s decision.

Yes, this can be discussed for a long time. above all Uevas Join the European Commission that VAR should support judges and their decisions. Then it is useless to have a WHERE if you cannot correct the judges. Making the right decision is perhaps the best support a judge can get. Especially in a decisive semi-final standing and weighing in overtime.

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Understandably, the Danish players were frustrated. England’s historic victory is now smeared with a very cheap penalty kick. In addition, he played five of the six matches at Wembley. You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to think that UEFA wants England to win, or at least go the long way.

Now I better think it’s a series of unfortunate circumstances. Michel Platini Crazy idea with EC scattered there Brussels Failure to produce arena matches gave Wembley group. It was the happiness of England. Add a referee who felt pressured at home and watched a penalty, but was not given an assist as per UEFA directives ahead of the European Championship. Not rotten but unfortunate, because England were clearly the best and probably won anyway.

England put in a really strong game, with the exception of the scorer. And Gareth Southgate seemed to have already taken that victory to the bank. During the first quarter of the semi-finals, the Danish part had to persevere and keep clean. I created three England situations and Raheem Sterling was involved in two situations and that was on and Look Shoes Edge Man attacked.

After a quarter of the match, I showed Pierre-Emile Hojberg His skill when catching the ball easily Calvin Phillips They rushed towards the goal. The finish was poor but Jordan Pickford threw the ball to the Danes, who picked up a corner kick in the next attack.

It was as if this break in England’s dominance gave Denmark the courage to carry the ball, merge forward and suddenly the home team was on the bridge. Mikel Damsgaard created a dangerous situation and England had to walk away without being able to dominate. For the first time during the match, the sound of the Danish heel was heard seriously. It was as if a team pushed home wasn’t included in the plans of nearly 50,000 spectators.

Whoever drank beer during the day and then made a pilgrimage to Wembley – it was like a Swedish Bandy final in a cube – expected England to take the lead in the match and not let it go. The reality was different. Half an hour into the match, Denmark got a free kick inside the English half of the field. When she hit the two Danish players outside the box it looked like Shaw was working hard on Anders Christensen.

Referee Danny McKelley blew a new Danish free kick. Mikel Damsgaard stepped forward and from a distance of 22 meters hit the ball over the wall towards the goal. Jordan Pickford That went by five minutes ago Gordon Banks The record for the longest goal scored by zero had to conceded a goal for the first time during the European Championships. Little SampdoriaDamsgaard has made a name for himself in Europe in record time.

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Anxiety went into the stands after 0-1 to take over. Yes, not directly behind Kasper Schmeichel where the Danish heels – more than 7,000 people live in it United kingdom – Celebrate crazy. But among the rest, there were harsh feelings. I sat near some English protagonists. It was the terrified looks that met one of them and it looked like people who were really filled with happy friends but now woke up savagely with a bucket of water.

England also panicked on the field after the goal. Television cameras zoomed in afterwards on Gareth Southgate and you didn’t have to get college credits in lip reading to see his message: CALM DOWN! He must have succeeded. In addition to witty Kyle Walker He won an ongoing duel for the ball and at the same time avoided the Danish counterattack. Wembley woke up and the fans suddenly heard it again and were behind the team.

Harry Maguire I got a cute cut for Harry Kane who fell into a good position. Sterling pulled the free kick into the wall, but it was a sign. After a few minutes I pulled out Bukayo Saka On his way to a raid on the right ledge and found Kane. The pound sterling found absolutely free and there were many who were about to cheer madly in the English lottery. They all came when the ball went straight to Kasper Schmeichel who saved Denmark.

It wasn’t long before Saka made a raid in the penalty area and fired a fine shot into a hurried Sterling. Danish defender Simon Kjaer could only control the ball into the goal, hence the equalizer and crazy cheers. Wembley has no roof, otherwise he would have fallen. The first quarter of the second half was a great, undulating game where chances were exchanged. Nothing you teach in training courses but entertainment and drama.

Harry Maguire almost managed to score another goal for Schmeichel, coming from the right flank, but the visiting team’s goalkeeper managed to turn his header into a corner. Kasper Dolberg managed in the middle with a good shot before coming close to 2-1 against England again. Luke Shaw sent in an entry that Höjbjerg almost dominated in his cage but the ball bounced off the post.

Then England dominated the match more and more and pushed the Danes into their team’s penalty area. Just as you noticed that England lacked advice to break through the Danish defense, Wembley fans saw it Jack Grealish was on his way to. The chants reached great heights again as well as “Super Jack, Super Jack, Super Jack.”

England continued to dominate and rank both full and half chances. If the attempts at the Danish defensive wall did not fail, Schmeichel was right or the quality was too poor. More than 20 goals including ten on goal, but only 1-1 until the decisive penalty kick from Harry Kane. It was a lot of offenders who couldn’t take advantage of situations and this may be the weakness of England under Southgate. You dare not expose yourself properly.

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After Kane sent the score 2-1, Southgate replaced Jack Grealish and sent Kieran Trippier. Instead of trying to kill the match in overtime, they invited Denmark which took some risks despite having a man-less after Jensen was injured and left no changes. It is difficult to understand English tactics given that the match was a 2-1 victory for England and Denmark who took risks in search of an equaliser.

Once the final signal came, the entire nation could breathe a sigh of relief. Football returns home on Sunday. Or at least for a while. After all, the final will be played and this cheap penalty will probably align with the pre-talk. Something that puts extra pressure on the final judgement. Because England can’t count on fresh help and in the semi-finals they were good enough not to need it.


Italians The national team returned to its base on Wednesday Coverciano I Florence After the victory over Spain This is Tuesday. There, the reserves trained behind closed gates and the rest ran to rehab. Then I waited for a barbecue evening when I continued England-Denmark. The national team will not return to London until the Saturday night before the final.


Calvin Phillips I grew 1.5 ml. Marcelo Bielsa Make sure it can cover surfaces.


Denmark He achieved a strong European championship despite the loss, but against England it was difficult despite the management’s goals. no big game Kasper Schmeichel The extension was unsuccessful. Of course, a little consolation when you’re so close to the final.


Not without questioning the semi-finals and finals in London In front of nearly 60,000 spectators per match would it be a widespread event? It was 65,000 during the England and Denmark semi-finals. No, I’m not an expert on the subject, but while there are great scenes when fans are partying and stepping in, there are no direct spaces at all.

I know everyone at Wembley must have tested negative, vaccinated or had coronavirus, but the Delta virus has caused hospital occupancy in England to increase by 70 percent in the past week. From low levels certainly but the highest since March. Think of all the pubs, fan zones and other groups when you play England.

Sure, UEFA keeps the distances between us journalists at Wembley with several empty seats, but when you also have to go through tight spaces where full supporters sing and throw bears, the question is whether the distance in the press stands is useful. Or where the press fair goes directly to the general public.