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The UK is investigating whether Apple is anti-competitive

The UK will investigate whether Apple engages in anti-competitive practices. It connects with 4 open reports maintained by the European Commission on the same issue

The UK Competition Authority (CMA) will inquire into Apple.

That’s what you’re looking for Determine if the company has dominance over the distribution of apps from the App Store. Similarly, If you use unfair and anti-competitive terms and conditions for developers.

In addition to designing, manufacturing and selling electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets, the Apple Store also runs the app, and the company must authorize all available applications.

For that, Developers must accept certain terms that are said to be unreasonable.

Apple charges for all of these 30 percent commission On most digital purchases through the App Store, it drops to 15 percent for some subscriptions.

Andrea Cocelli, CMA’s Managing Director, Millions of people use the app every day to check the weather, pick up a game or order, so there are complaints that Apple uses its market position to establish unfair or restrictive terms, competition and choice, when buying and using apps May lose customers, “worthy of careful scrutiny.”

The UK and Europe are investigating whether Apple has anti-competitive practices

“Our current analysis of the digital market has already identified some worrying trends., He insisted.

“That’s why we continue to create new digital markets units and launch new investigations, and there are reasons for that,” he said.

And in Europe

For its part, the European Commission (EC) Apple currently has four open trust investigations, Which was released before the end of the Brexit transition period in the UK, which includes three open statements in the Apple App Store.

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Apple is the successor to its flagship device

Can hold the next iPhone 13 Bigger battery compared to previous generation smartphone Thanks for a novel interior design.

According to an analyst at Hong Kong company DFI Securities Ming-Ci Quo, which provided some of the device’s potential features in a letter to investors, it may have a peak (the screen-wide face recognition tool that has Face ID), which will increase the screen space available to the user.

It is possible The iPhone screen has an update rate of 120 Hz, Which guarantees a “smooth experience”.

It may have a new battery compared to the previous generation smartphone, thanks to the “new interior design”, and it will be equipped with more advanced 5G modems and cameras.

In terms of size, it will be identical: it will be the iPhone 13 Mini, 5.4 inches, with two standard models, 6.1-inch screens, and the 6.7-inch iPhone 13 Max. It is possible that they are slightly heavier than their predecessors.