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Corona: Britain is no longer a risky part

Corona: Britain is no longer a risky part

Since Monday, several restrictions have been relaxed in the UK. Outdoor cafes, hair salons, gyms and shops have reopened after being closed for several months.

Between some strict controls in the world and the highest mortality rates in Western Europe, both the spread of the disease and the number of deaths have plummeted.

According to the latest figures, the R-number in the UK now stands at 0.7 to 1.

Now more positive news has come to the country when Germany on Friday removed the UK from the list of risk areas for Govt-19.

Britain avoids isolation

With the exception of a few countries, including Japan and Israel, most countries are considered high-risk areas. Along with the United Kingdom, two regions in Ireland, one in Finland and one in Barbados were removed from the danger list.

The spread of the disease is considered very low and people do not have to be isolated if they want to travel in Germany.

Britain’s massive vaccination campaign has yielded results, with sooner than 48 per cent of the population receiving at least one injection. The average number of EU citizens is just over 17 percent.

Infection in the UK

The number of new infections in the UK has also dropped, now dropping to 24 new cases per million people a day. According to our global data. The corresponding number for Sweden is 606 new cases. In the EU, this is 355 new cases.

Joachim Tilner, professor of epidemiology at the Karolinska Institutet, previously told The Express that Britain’s success in the fight against the virus could be known as a dose-giving strategy for as many people as possible.

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– When the UK started vaccinating, they killed up to 1,300 people a day, which was a lot. So, I would like to say that it is very simple, the spread of the infection is significantly reduced when they are given in multiple doses because they do not do any other importance.

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