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Kate Middleton wore a fancy long coat in a blue tweet

Kate Middleton wore a fancy long coat in a blue tweet

How about a trench coat for 849 pounds, i.e. about 10,000 Swedish kroner?

If so, Kate Middleton was wearing it when she appeared with Prince William outside Holyroodhouse Palace in Edinburgh on Wednesday. The tweed coat features gold buttons and a belt around the waist, according to the Daily Mail, which comes from the British brand Holland Cooper.

Under the dress, the Duchess wore a gold, shiny skirt believed to have come from Joseph. Kate Middleton matched a pair of stiletto heels from Manolo Planic. A dress that costs a lot.

In addition, the Daily Mail writes that the couple had previously been riding in a Land Rover Defender owned by the late Prince Philip. The prince is 99 years old, he loved the British car brand so much that he made sure the coffin was allowed to rest on top of a car during his funeral.

“Nothing more important than this”

The NHS is the government agency responsible for public health in the UK. Kate Middleton delivered the speech thanking the staff for their dedication, dedication and personal sacrifices.

“This job is never important,” Kate Middleton told the Daily Mail.

Then the movie “Cruella” was shown on a big screen.

“William and I invite you to catch popcorn and sneak under your blankets and take it back to the UK in the 1970s for an evening of worthy entertainment, drama, glamor and escape,” said Kate Middleton.

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