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Renberg: "It's very difficult to get to the quarterfinals"

Renberg: “It’s very difficult to get to the quarterfinals”

Did Sweden miss out on the quarterfinals at a loss against the Czech Republic?

– I’m scared about it. Sweden will have to cross three teams to get to the quarterfinals, which will be very difficult. SVT expert Michael Renberg says I don’t think it will work.

– But if Sweden do not go to the playoffs, it does not depend on this match. He goes on to say that this is the first two matches we have helped Sweden overall.

Four matches have been played. Sweden have three points and are bottom of the group after Great Britain.

– You have to sit down. Now it appears to be a clich, but Sweden need to pick one match at a time. Win the remaining three matches and see how far it goes. Michael Renberg says you can do nothing about other matches.

Tight road to the quarterfinals

In Sweden, Great Britain, Slovakia and Russia face each other.

To have a chance to advance to the quarterfinals, Sweden must go clean in all three matches at once, with the other results going the way of Trey Kroner.

CLIP: Here the Czech Republic is changing – leading:

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Here the Czech Republic changes – takes the lead Photo: Bildprone.
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