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The pressure on the national team captain came after the losses of Trey Croner at WC

The pressure on the national team captain came after the losses of Trey Croner at WC

– We don’t get results in this match, I take a lot. I’m ultimately responsible, he continues.

The day after the 2-4 defeat against the Czech Republic – and just hours before the fall of the match against Great Britain on Friday afternoon – when Trey Kroner’s national team captain Johann Karpenlev attends a digital press conference.

– Considering the way we looked against the Czech Republic, Johan Karpenlov says it was tough after the match.

– We had competition in our hands, but it slips.

– We had a quick meeting when we got back to the hotel in the evening and then took a detour this morning and headed towards Great Britain.

There is Trey Croner Denmark lost all three of its group matches against Belarus and the Czech Republic, winning only against Switzerland.

With three points, Sweden are last in the table, and Sweden now need three wins in the final to advance to the quarterfinals.

Even if Sweden wins against Great Britain, Slovakia and Russia, they will need the help of other teams to avoid missing the playoffs.

– Everyone in the group knows what situation we are in, but we can only see ahead. Johann Karpenlev says we still have the opportunity and that is what we should try to take.

– Of course you have fate in your hands, but what we can do is focus on one match at a time. Beat it and then move on. When the last match is played, let’s see where it takes us.

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In this afternoon’s match Trey Croner is a big favorite. Britain won surprisingly against Belarus, but on paper Sweden’s team was the best of many classes.

But if there is one thing that this World Cup has taught us, it seems that everything can happen in the snow at the World Cup in Riga.

– The team we play against this afternoon has done a good match so far and we will take that team seriously and respond to their hard work. We should not think it will be an easy match, but Johan Karpenlev says before the match against Great Britain that we have to work hard to win it.

– But if we put things together on the ice and do what we think, we will win the competition.

Confederation captain Karpenlev says there will be changes in the Swedish squad against Great Britain compared to the Czech Republic, but he did not want to mention any.

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