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In the United States, the film does Love, Simon Success, a movie about the guy Simon who appears gay. The subject matter might sound a bit “okay, we didn’t get any further”, but the movie is said to be great and of course we hope it’s a hit here at home too when it premieres in June.

Over the years, several “Exit” movies have been made and one of them was just over 20 years old (written 2018) Old inside and outsidein Swedish it is called out or not, with Kevin Klein In the lead role too empty selec And the june kozak In various supporting roles. Joan was nominated for an Academy Award for her role. And speaking of Oscar, the entire movie is inspired by Tom Hanks Thank you for your speech at the Academy Awards when he won Best Man Hero for the movie Philadelphia. In his thank-you letter, Tom thanks his old drama teacher and angers him for being gay. Something the drama teacher was very particular about. And that is exactly how Out or Not begins. Kevin Kline plays Teacher Howard who lives with his future wife Emily. They live in a small town in Indiana and are looking forward to tonight’s Oscar party when an old drama student (played by Matt Dillon) to Howard was nominated for an Academy Award. The student wins and, in his word of thanks, thanks the drama teacher Howard and then adds, “…and he’s gay.”

Howard’s life is turned upside down when everyone, including his girlfriend and his parents, wonders if it’s true that he’s gay, and Howard himself begins to think about the situation…

The film, a quirky and enjoyable dramatic comedy, has grossed over half a billion crowns.

The song that has an important role in the movie is village people macho manAnd the A song that the group initially didn’t allow them to use in the movie but after hearing Village People on the cover version macho man with jockeys which were meant to be used then, they changed their mind and finally said yes. Fun trivia is that the little Oscar statuette that Matt Dillon keeps in the movie is the Kevin Kline statue he won in 1989 A fish named WandaTom Selleck also shaved off his mustache for his role in the movie…just like that thing!

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