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Belfast (2021) |  movie top

Belfast (2021) | movie top

“Give Belfast Oscar Statues Now”

Have you also been looking for a long time for a resume that dares to break the boring general Hollywood format of “truth-based stories”? Stop searching and see Belfast right away. Don’t miss this charming movie that’s not ashamed of being raw, funny, or sad.

In the late 1960s, Paddy lived with his mother and father in Belfast. On idyllic Bullerby Street, he grew up among friends and acquaintances. My father works in England on weekdays. Grandma and Grandpa live a few houses away.

One day, the quiet life is turned upside down when Protestants and Catholics collide. Neighbors become enemies and boundaries are set. In the midst of all this, Paddy stands with his family and tries to make sense of what’s going on around them.

Kenneth Branagh’s autobiography “Belfast” is a beautiful story about a difficult period in the history of Northern Ireland and Ireland. Prana hates neither cruelty nor comedy. Scenes filled with the family’s difficult financial worries are punctuated by violent gang riots and fun dance scenes. It is such an exciting mix of emotions that Prana puts before us because he wants us to feel all that little friends feel.

The black and white picture is sloppy and beautiful at the same time – a conscious choice that allows the film to play with single color elements in contrast to black and white. Music also plays an important role in the film. Belfast Icons Van Morrison He agreed to let Branagh use his songs and also composed a new song for translations that was nominated for an Academy Award.

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Actors then? Kenneth Brana He’s basically an actor, which probably explains the band’s brilliant efforts. Judy ditch And the Kiran Hinds He is a well-deserved supporting role candidate for the upcoming Academy Awards. Caitriona Balf From Outlander And the Jimmy Dornan Really great efforts as Buddy’s mom and dad. And of course, Judd Hill who plays the main character Buddy.

“It is not necessary that the ceremony take place at the end of March”

What do we get next? Of course in one of the sharpest films ever made in recent years. In just over an hour and forty minutes, we have time to follow the family’s struggle for an acceptable life through grief and joy. Should they leave everything they know behind and invest in a better future? Or should they stay and keep Belfast hope?

Kenneth Branagh said it best of himself when he dedicated the film like this: “To those who left, to those who stayed and for all those we lost.” Add to everyone who wants to experience a great movie which is complete. Give the ‘Belfast’ Oscar statuette immediately so the party doesn’t take place at the end of March.

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