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Lesbian love in two movies this weekend – QX

Batman and Zlatan in all the glory, but the choice of cinema just got a lot more gay and we thank you for that! Today, at least two new films with lesbian themes are released. It’s the premiere of Magnus Gerten’s documentary Nelly and Nadine Winner of the Stockholm Film Festival The hill where the lionesses roar.

teenage drama The hill where the lionesses roar It takes place in the middle of the mountains of Kosovo where we meet three inseparable friends, Li, Jeta and Qe. Bored, anxious and without prospects, friends decide to form a gang. An affair between two girls made the gay audience rejoice.

young director Luana Bajrami It won Best Screenplay and Best Debut Screenplay at the Stockholm Film Festival this fall. When QX interviewed her, she told us:

The film is about young people. It is about one’s view of the future, the question of building one’s identity (…) It was important for me to present a gay love story to Kosovo, to show that “this exists and is OK”.

QX has also previously taken an interest in the documentary Nelly and Nadine About two women who fall in love with a concentration camp in 1945. This was the beginning of a lifelong relationship, which was also secret even to their immediate family.

Documentary director Magnus Gerten It is based on found love notes and letters to depict an unexpected love story. The film was nominated for a Teddy Guy Award at the Berlin Film Festival earlier this year.

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