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Take advantage of Boris Johnson ahead of the Hartlepool By-election

Advantage for Boris Johnson ahead of the Hartlbull by-election

In the British House of Commons by-election in the Northeast of England, Hartlbull leads by about 17 per cent, Survival measurement. At the same time, the Tory candidates seem to be winning local elections Tees Valley And West Midlands.

If Boris Johnson can believe in a “hat trick” in these three traditional labor forts, it will be important to identify him. In the election campaign, the successful vaccination campaign in Britain is because the country is leaving the EU, which he has been fighting for so long.

Hartlbull was formerly a Red Fort.

Photo: AFP

Victories in the North will give him a chance to withdraw from the effort after last week’s controversy over the luxury reconstruction of the Prime Minister’s House on Downing Street and reports that he would prefer “thousands more stacked bodies” than he introduced last fall. The third lock (he still had to do).

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Labor leader Khair Stormer has tried to catch up with Johnson over various allegations that, traditionally, the opposition is doing better in by-elections in the UK. But it also means that the pressure to deliver is too great for him.

If Labor continues to retreat in some parts of the UK known as the “Red Wall”, questions about Stormer’s position could escalate within its own party.

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