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Third dose for Brits from September

Third dose for Brits from September

The third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine could be given to the most vulnerable groups in the UK starting in September.

The purpose is to ensure that their protection from the first and second doses is maintained during the winter and that they work against new strains of the virus. The British government writes on its website.

The third dose of the vaccine, called the “booster”, is the first phase of counseling given to people 70 years of age and over and some other risk groups, as well as front line care and nursing staff. British team for vaccination, JCVI.

Two doses of the Govit-19 vaccine used in the UK provide strong protection against serious illness for at least six months for most people, and it is estimated that some have longer-term protection than that.

We must learn to live with this virus. Our first Govt-19 vaccine program gives this country independence again, and our booster program will protect that freedom, says UK Health Minister Sajid Javed.

The Swedish Public Health Agency said it was reviewing the need for a third dose to strengthen safety, especially for vulnerable groups.

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