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Hydrangea Park at Kyrgyzstan in Burgas receives its plants - part of an international research project in nine countries

Hydrangea Park at Kyrgyzstan in Burgas receives its plants – part of an international research project in nine countries

While the Hydrangea Park in Kirkpropane, which was set up last year, is in full bloom, Burgas residents can actively reap the benefits of an international project that explores how different types of hydrangeas cope with different climates and growing conditions. In other words, you combine goodness and happiness in a definite way.

A total of 114 different hydrangea varieties were planted in the park on Wednesday, which makes the park more attractive and receives some other plants, including perennials that thrive for a long time.

In most organisms, three specimens are planted, i.e. about 330 plants.

Euro-tests network

  • In Finland, Luke Natural Resources conducts testing for Burgas.
  • Other participating countries are the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Iceland.
  • The entire project is managed by the Royal Horticulture Society KVBC in the Netherlands, which describes the project in its annual book, Tendroflora.

Cooperation between multiple parties

In Burgas, the park is perceived as a public space and unlike the research projects in the city of Burgas, in collaboration with the plantation finance and some sponsors of the natural resource company Luke, Maija and Yarjo Riccala.

Anton Ekman
According to Daniel Polk, city green service planner for Barcas, the park combines the benefits of research and the joy of city dwellers.

City Green Service Plan Daniel Polk The park designer, along with the park unit team, was fully occupied Wednesday morning by planting specimens in clean rows next to the proper nameplate.

– The same plants are planted in the other eight countries, most of which are in permanently unchanged areas, but the plants become vacant when the project period is over. But here in Barcas, this park is the happiest of the city dwellers.

The actual test cultivation will end in 2025, but in Burgos you can enjoy it for much longer – probably for decades to come, the plants will survive.

Not all creatures are named

The most imaginatively named Seiso hydrangea (Hydrangea paniculata) varieties find their place in the stage. Some variants are so new that they do not even offer the “Pink Cloud” style or even similar marketing names. For now, they need to do a number code.

Experimental gardens around Europe have also added an indigenous variety – the mustilla hydrangea, which originates from the mustilla arboretum in Elimo (Elimagi), now part of Couvola.

Storm water pool during work

At Hydrangea Park, the city will also build a stormwater pond where stormwater will be used to irrigate the park.

A park was recently planted on the edge of the waterAnton Ekman
A total of 330 plants of 114 different species are available at Hydrangea Park.

– We will place both benches and tables so that visitors can sit back and enjoy the splendor of the flowers. Some varieties begin to bloom in mid-July, some later. Folk says they bloom until late autumn and the lashes are beautiful even in winter.

An informative and clear sign will appear in the area.

– Nameplates are also available on plants, so it’s easy to come up with what type is best suited for your own farm.

Winter is what you are most interested in

Researcher Eva-Maria Duhkanen He had come from Luke at the planting show on Wednesday. In practice, the city’s park division is responsible for the maintenance of the park, and Luke will be primarily responsible for observing and measuring the plants during the study period, after which the park will be transferred to the city.

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– What we are most interested in here in Finland is how different plants cope with winter, but among other things, we analyze how shrubs grow, flower and whether they are affected by diseases or pests.

Luke has various domestic trials in Pixie and Olu.

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