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Scotland’s EU dream could split Britain

Scotland’s EU dream could split Britain

Local and regional elections in the United Kingdom generally do not have such a big impact on Swedish or European politics. This time it was different. Scottish Nationalist Party SNP

In 2014, 55% did not vote in the referendum on independence, but the SNP will demand a new one if it has a majority in the Scottish parliament after the election. The British Conservative government has said there will be no new referendum once the previous referendum is over.

Although decisions have previously been made in London, Scotland has always had its own education and legal system in conjunction with the United Kingdom. Local self-government is now extensive. The Scottish Parliament decides on education, health, the judiciary, transportation, planning issues and equivalents for municipalities.

In fact, nationalists must be in the worst way. There was not a clear number in the previous poll, and voters will generally be tired when the same party has ruled for more than a decade. The nationalist government, despite being funded from London, made more money than the rest of the UK and has been criticized for its decisions on education, health and medicine.

But the Brexit and Conservative Tories gave new life to the demands for independence. A majority of Scots voted against leaving the EU. The SNP wants an independent Scotland to join the European Union soon. The Conservatives have ruled London since 2010 and have weak support in Scotland.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is considered an incredible English elite, as many Scots do not like. On the other hand, SNP Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon is seen as trustworthy and competent.

A successful Nicola Sturgeon and the anxious Boris Johnson. Photo: Andrew Milligan, Simon Dawson

The Social Democratic Worker previously dominated Scotland. But as elsewhere, the Social Democrats have lost key voters. The SNP is not a right-wing populist, but a clear nationalist who puts distrust of the UK first. Freedom has become the main issue instead of the classic left-right issues.

In measurements, it now weighs freedom equally. Scotland has a complex electoral system with a combination of 73 single-member constituencies and 56 list orders. Workers who want to protect the British Union, Conservatives and Liberals and the SNP, the Greens and the SNP.

Continuing United Kingdom should be of interest to Sweden. The weak and humiliated “Rest of England” may block cooperation in Europe and oppose aggression against Russia. But the question is what the Scots like themselves.

The election draws to a close. Govt restrictions mean that votes are counted slowly and no polling stations are run. The results are therefore expected to be ready only on Saturday, two days after election day. Count the many tense politicians in Scotland and other parts of the UK during the prolonged vote count.

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