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Windows 12 is being rebuilt for faster updates

Windows 12 is being rebuilt for faster updates

Microsoft continues to try to modernize the Windows platform, with mixed results. Previously, the software giant invested in Core OS as the plan was to develop a universal, modular solution to be able to quickly update the parts of the operating system that needed an update. For PC, it never quite worked, though there were plans with Windows 10X that its interface was allowed to live in Windows 11.

Windows Central reports The company has now taken a fresh approach to modernization with its upcoming Core PC. It’s all based on a modular and customizable variant of Windows that can be customized depending on the hardware, like Chrome OS.

Unlike the current Windows operating system that must be installed on a single partition, the basic PC-based operating system can be installed on multiple partitions. This enables, among other things, more frequent updates of operating system functions and makes it more difficult for malware to spread.

According to Windows Central sources, the company should have, among other things, a Core PC version of Windows that can rival Google’s lightweight operating system in terms of size. This version should be functionally scaled back and only able to run Edge, web apps, Android apps, and Office programs. It should be able to run on low-end computers, while the operating system is 75 percent smaller than Windows 11 SE, Microsoft’s current operating system for the education sector.

It is still not clear when Microsoft will release Windows 12 or what the new operating system will be called. However, previous indications point to its launch in 2024.

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