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Film director Stephen Frears receives a knighthood

Film director Stephen Frears receives a knighthood

  • Written by Dan Martin & PA Media
  • BBC News

Comment on the photo, Frears has had a career spanning more than five decades

Stephen Frears received his knighthood at an investiture ceremony at Windsor Castle.

The director and producer was honored on Wednesday, in recognition of his services in the field of film and television.

One of his most famous films is “The Queen,” which he directed in 2006, and for which he received a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Director.

Sir Stephen, who was born in Leicester, said the knighthood was down to “just being lucky”.

Comment on the photo, Princess Anne conducted the investiture ceremony at Windsor Castle

Sir Stephen, who has also been praised for My Beautiful Laundrette, Dangerous Liaisons, Victoria & Abd, Philomena and The Grifters, said: “It's really nice. I have no complaints.

“I've been very, very lucky and I still need a tremendous amount of luck.

“I was very, very lucky in my choice of materials and the people I worked with.”

He was awarded a knighthood at a Christmas ceremony in June, but has now officially received it.

With King Charles III in hospital this week due to an enlarged prostate, and the Prince and Princess of Wales absent from their usual duties after undergoing abdominal surgery, the Princess Royal performed the ceremony.

Sir Stephen's television credits include A Very English Scandal, The Quiz, and The Deal, about the friendship and rivalry between Sir Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

Comment on the photo, Frears directed The Lost King starring Sally Hawkins and Steve Coogan

He first made his mark with the 1985 interracial drama My Beautiful Laundry, based on the story by Hanif Qureshi and starring Sir Daniel Day-Lewis.

He also made a documentary called Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight, about the boxer's refusal to fight in Vietnam.

His 2022 film The Lost King tells the story of an amateur historian who finds the long-lost remains of King Richard III in a Leicester car park.

Sir Stephen said his next project is a drama TV series with Kate Winslet called The Regime, which will be broadcast in March.