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New on Playstation Plus – May 2024

New on Playstation Plus – May 2024

After a delay of just over a week (the April news was brought forward during the last Wednesday of March), we've now finally had access to all the upcoming games PlayStation Plus During the month of May. We recently rounded up all the titles coming to Xbox Game Pass in May 2024 and as usual we'll also explore the news about Play stations Opposite PS Plus.

Here are the titles you'll like subscriber On Playstation Plus they can participate next month.

EA SPORTS FC 24 Standard Edition | PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4

The international football seasons are coming to an end, and soon it will be time for the summer European Championship in Germany, but on a virtual football stadium in Germany. EFC 24 Matches continue around the clock. PS players now have the chance to download the full game and enjoy everything from an enhanced Career Mode to the hugely popular Ultimate Team.

If you're completely new to the game, you can also start your collection with one Ultimate Team Starter Pack. This is a free Ultimate Team game mode pack containing 11 non-tradeable players rated 82 or higher, plus a choice of seven ICON loan players to give you the chance to play with some of the biggest football legends available in the game. Game.

Ghost Runner 2 | PS5

This futuristic action adventure follows the acclaimed hit Original from 2020. Just like before, you are thrown into a unique game mechanic where there is a “one-hit kill” scenario: you have to fight your way through enemies without taking any damage yourself. But now the combat has improved, the worlds are more open and the possibilities for strategy are greater. In this post-apocalyptic world, no one can be trusted and the player character Ghostrunner can't even trust his own memory…

tunic | PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4

This cute adventure comes from the indie developer IsometricCorp Games Who is behind a series of titles with an emphasis on beautiful art styles and unique stories. Here you can explore a world of equal parts beauty and hostility of mysterious forests, vast ruins and labyrinthine catacombs. K No name Fox You must fight massive monsters, solve challenging puzzles, and make your way through apocalyptic landscapes to uncover the story of what really happened. The game has a retro feel with a top-down view, and is perfect for those who want to relax and play something simple but effective.

Destiny 2: Fall of Light | PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4

As in April, we will participate in another event expansion For the popular game Destiny 2. This time we follow the heroes Guardians to the planet Neptune to discover a neon city like no other. Here you will meet the Cloud Striders, join the fight against the Shadow Legion and prevent destruction in the technologically advanced city of Neumuna. The new Strand class also lets you try out new weapons and attachments, including Hook grappling Which can take you from one building to another.