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Mark and Laura disappeared without a trace in Tenerife  the world

Mark and Laura disappeared without a trace in Tenerife the world

Mark Olbrichts.

Photo: Spanish authorities

Laura Trabinier.

Photo: Spanish authorities

The couple disappeared from their home on Tenerife a week ago.

Photo: Sven Lindwall

The last safe sign of life came from Mark Olbrechts, 71, and Laura Trabeniers, 66, when they attended a yoga session in Tenerife on Monday, April 22.

Since then, the Belgian couple disappeared without a trace.

The Spanish authorities issued an appeal for the couple and their dark blue Opel Mokka in the hope of finding them.

But despite a week-long search, police were unable to make any progress.

“I did not leave of my own free will.”

However, there are some strange details emerging about the disappearance, which has received a lot of attention in both the Belgian and Spanish media.

In the evening after the yoga session, the alarm must have been activated at the couple's home in Callao Salvaje.

The man who maintained Mark Olbrechts and Laura Trabiniers' pool also allegedly noticed that the house was open and the back door was open.

Family friend Janine said the couple's keys and cell phones were still inside the house, but so was their cat Nieuwesblad

– No, they did not leave of their own free will, as Janine tells the newspaper.

But what disappeared was an Opel car registered in Spain.

The Belgian and Spanish authorities are involved and working closely in this case.

Mark Olbrechts and Laura Trabeniers moved from the Flemish province of Brabant to Tenerife 15 years ago. On the Canary Island, Olbrechts, who works as an artist, held several exhibitions.

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