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This is how you see who followed you on Instagram

This is how you see who followed you on Instagram

We've all been there at some point. You suddenly lost some followers on your account Instagram You wonder who it could be, without being able to guess. It can take a long time to go through each person one by one to see who is no longer on your follower list, but fortunately there are clever tricks to make the process easier.

There's no direct feature within Instagram that will show you a list of people who have followed you, but there are several different tricks you can discover.

First method: Download the list of followers

The best way to find out who unfollowed you is to go directly to your private Instagram data.

1. Go to “Your Activity”

On your profile page, there are three dots in the upper right corner. Click on it to show the settings drop-down menu. Then choose “Your Activity.”

2. Select “Download your information”

At the bottom of the “Your Activity” list you will find “Download your information”, select this.

3. Go to “Download or transfer information”

Here is the main list of download information, and here you can see the list of downloads you have done in the past. To continue, click “Download or transfer information.”

4. Select the information you want to download

Here you can choose whether you want to share all information about your account or only parts of it. Since we only want to see our followers, choose “Part of information”.

5. Select “Followers and Followers”

Scroll down to “Contacts,” and there you will find the “Followers & Followers” ​​option. Select it and press Next.

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6. Choose where to download the information

Here you can choose where the information should end. Select “Download to device” if you want the information to be sent to you.

7. Send to your email

Double-check that this is your email address under Notification, because this is where the information will be sent. Here you can also choose “appointment range” For the period you want to see statistics about your followers. After you proceed, it may take a few minutes for your information to be ready, and when it can be downloaded, you will receive an email.

8. Check your email

After a few minutes, you should have received an email from “[email protected]” indicating that your information is ready to download. Click the “Download your information” link.

9. Download your information

Clicking the link will take you to the Meta Account Management page. Here you may need to enter a password to log in if you are not already signed in to your device. You will then see the download you requested in the Instagram app. Click “Download” and the zip file will then be downloaded to your device.

10. Open the folder

After opening the zip file, you will see two folders and an html file. Open the folder called “Connections,” and then open the “followers_and_following” folder.

11. Open the followers lists

Inside the folder you will find the files containing the information you chose to download. Open “followers_1” (your followers) and “following” (who you follow). These will open in the browser.

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12. Open the “” website

Now that we have our follower lists, it's time to compare them to see who you're following and who's no longer following you. A good site to compare listings is

13. Copy and paste your follower lists

Make sure everything in the list is selected, right-click and press Copy (or CTRL + C for PC / Command + C for Mac). Then you go to “Compare Two Lists” and paste your followers into “List A” and those you follow into “List B.”

14. Click on “Compare Lists”

When you click “Compare Lists” in the bottom left corner, the lists are compared and give you a lot of information. You'll get a lot of different columns that you can look at, but the one column you should care about is the “Only on List B”. Scroll down to the bottom (skip all dates) and you will see a list of users. These are the people who followed you during the time period you specified!

Method 2: Get a third-party app

There are many ways to go beyond the more complicated method of comparing your follower lists yourself. In the App Store, Google Play Store, and other app stores, there are many different apps that do the work for you, sometimes for free but usually for a subscription if you want to see more detailed information.

However, it must be said that there is nothing Safety guarantee When you log in to your Instagram account through these applications. There have been reports of credentials and even Instagram itself being stolen Sets restrictions in your account if third-party applications are detected. This method is certainly smoother than the manual method, but it is at your own risk and is not encouraged.

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Method 3: Compare yourself

This may be the slowest of all the ways to find out who unfollowed you, but at least it's safe. Simply open the menu on Who do you follow? On Instagram, either on your computer or directly in the app. Then write down the username of all the accounts, one by one. When you are finished, you can enter the menu with Your followers, then start scrolling down the list while “checking” the accounts on your own list of accounts you follow. For example, you can underline every account that follows you.

When you're done, if all goes well, you'll have a line next to each account that follows you. No accounts are accounts that unfollowed you, or ones that never followed you in the first place.